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Apply for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel

A product must fulfill the Nordic Swan Ecolabel criteria before it is given a licence and the right to use the Nordic Ecolabel logo. When a product is approved, this logo may be used in all marketing of this product.

Criteria are continually revised and improved. When new criteria are approved, a company must re-apply for a licence and fulfill the new requirements. This is the same procedure for an EU Ecolabel.

How long does it take to get the licence?

Please be aware that your application should be submitted at least 6 months in advance of your planned product launch date, and specifically this rule applies to new products and services. If your company has never applied for a Nordic Swan Ecolabel or EU Ecolabel licence before, more time might be needed to process your application. We also recommend that you contact us in advance for a joint time planning of your application process.

Application is valid for 12 months

Ecolabelling Sweden will charge an application fee, 28 000 SEK excl VAT, once the application for an ecolabelling licence has reached us. We reserve the right to reject the application should the applying company not actively work towards receiving an Ecolabel licence within 12 months from applying. The application fee will not be reimbursed.

Several products and production sites in the same licence?

In most cases, your ecolabelling licence is valid in all Nordic countries and is awarded those products in the application which fulfill the criteria. Several products might be included in the licence, as long as they belong to the same product group and their environmental characteristics are similar. Products which have been manufactured on more than one production site can also be included in the same licence, should certain conditions have been fulfilled.

Apply in 5 easy steps for a Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

1. Download the application. 

2. Study the criteria document and the documents containing our regulations for your product or service. Ensure that you have fulfilled the criteria requirements. There are often help documents or electronic forms to help you in this work.

3. Sign the application, scan it and send it to us.

4. Your application will be reviewed to ensure that your product has met our standards and that the attached documentation is sufficient.

5. If all documentation is satisfactory and all criteria fulfilled, a Nordic Ecolabel licence will be granted. The licence number makes it possible to identify the Nordic Ecolabelled product and is a guarantee that this is an official Nordic Swan Ecolabel licence.

If you cannot find criteria for your product please contact us. You may even propose new criteria but the criteria process and examination of new product groups takes at least two to three years. It is the Nordic Ecolabelling Board which decides which new product groups can be Nordic Swan Ecolabelled.