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MSDS of Common Items



MSDS of battery

MSDS of Lead-acid battery

Microfiber cleaning cloth

MSDS of microfiber cleaning cloth

Taffeta fabric

MSDS of taffeta fabric





MSDS of asbeston

MSDS of Glass fiber asbeston

MSDS of carbon fiber asbeston

MSDS of ceramic fiber asbeston


MSDS of hardware

Gardening tool

MSDS of gardening tool

Glass fiber

MSDS of glass fiber

Soap powder steel wool

MSDS of soap powder steel wool

The reticular sponge

MSDS of the reticular sponge

Outfall filter cloth

MSDS of outfall filter cloth

Galvanized iron wire

MSDS of galvanized iron wire


Wet wipes


MSDS of wet wipes

MSDS of computer wipes

MSDS of floor wipes

MSDS of elderly wipes

MSDS of baby wipes

MSDS of glass wipes

MSDS of furniture

MSDS of monolithic wipes

MSDS of mosquito repellent wipes

MSDS of car wipes





MSDS of gel pen

MSDS of whiteboard marker

MSDS of flash pen

MSDS of color pen

MSDS of pencil

MSDS of highlighter

MSDS of marking pen

MSDS of crayon

MSDS of chalk


MSDS of toy

Household products

MSDS of household products


MSDS of textile

Fire extinguisher

MSDS of ABC fire extinguisher

MSDS of CO2 fire extinguisher

Water polo ball

MSDS of water polo ball

Glow stick

MSDS of glow stick


MSDS of thermometer


MSDS of candle

Water proof board

MSDS of water proof board

Plastic bag

MSDS of plastic bag



MSDS of electric toothbrush

MSDS of toothbrush

Artificial leather

MSDS of artificial leather

Stainless steel water glass

MSDS of stainless steel water glass

Christmas candle

MSDS of Christmas candle

Easter candle

MSDS of Easter candle

Scented candle

MSDS of scented candle

Prebaked electrodes

MSDS of prebaked electrodes

Deflection magnetic core

MSDS of deflection magnetic core

Magnesium anode

MSDS of magnesium anode

Magnesium oxide craft waref

MSDS of magnesium oxide craft waref

MSDS magnesium oxide craft waref

Iron wire

MSDS of iron wire


MSDS of lighter


MSDS of magnet

Polycarbonate tape

MSDS of polycarbonate tape

Cool mat

MSDS of cool mat

Non-sealing plate

MSDS of non-sealing plate

Wood pulp cloth

MSDS of wood pulp cloth

PVC thin film

MSDS of PVC thin film

PC plastic cup

MSDS of PC plastic cup

Tempered glass cover

MSDS of tempered glass cover

Ash paper

MSDS of ash paper

Fire retardant section

MSDS of fire retardant section


Heat insulator

MSDS of EPE heat insulator

MSDS of woven cloth heat insulator

MSDS of bubble heat insulator

Bamboo charcoal piece

MSDS of bamboo charcoal piece


MSDS of chip


The relevant laws and regulations of MSDS/SDS:

The UN GHS: It requests to establish the coordinating hazard information announcement, including label and MSDS.

The EU REACH: When the product has specific conditions, the supplier should supply the MSDS to his clients along the supply chain.

The EU CLP: The SDS should contain the classification and label of CLP and retain the classification information of annex 1 in 67/548/EEC.

China GHS: In China, the laws and regulations system consists of hazardous chemicals safety management regulations, registration measures for hazardous chemicals and the regulation of making MSDS. It puts forward the specific requirements and specifications on SDS.


Is SDS as same as MSDS?

The full name of SDS is Safety Data Sheet, and simply “SDS” for short. It refers to the same document. We use MSDS as a general term before. But now we are used to using SDS.


How to apply for an MSDS?

The MSDS for trade is strict in is strict in written language, executive standard, updated date and etc. So it suggests that the MSDS should be made by a professional company or person.


Please see the detailed process of applying for an MSDS as following:

A: Download the MSDS application form from the website. Or ask the MSDS consultant to send or fax it.

B. The client fills in this application.

C. Return back the application to the consultant by mail or fax.

D. The application will be checked by the professional staff at KEDA, and enter the next step if confirm without any mistake.

E. The client pays and sends the remittance voucher (bank slip) to KEDA by mail or fax.

F. After receiving the voucher, our staff will finish MSDS within 3 to 5 days.

G. After sending digital MSDS to the client for confirming without any mistake, KEDA will send the MSDS and invoice to the client by express.