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LIN”AN KEDA Certification Technology Consulting Services Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful city Hangzhou, having been focusing on providing certification and testing services for years. We are a team with numbers of domestic and international senior certification consultants specializing in this field and now we are one of the companies that Hangzhou Science and Technology Bureau gives great support to. Our main business is authoring MSDS/SDS and providing certification and testing services per different standard established in countries, e.g. Europe, USA, Japan, etc. including other related services, such as factory inspection, technical guidance, standards and regulations translation, etc. Over the years we have won good reputation by our first-grade services and have become the main cooperating company of many shipping companies and branches of Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of China.
Our service ranges--Chemical, agricultural, industrial, biotechnology, electronic 
machinery, food, etc.

Our service philosophy--Profession win more trust from clients.
Our behavior norms--Be honest, be sincere and be innovative.
Our vision--Help achieve sustainable development of high-quality products.

We are focusing on providing high-quality SDS authoring, translation, regulation updates, file review, file typesetting and other services.

Why choose LIN’AN KEDA?
1. 100% guaranteed professionalism. We have been focusing on this field for years, have accumulated rich experience from thousands of successful cases and will follow up the updates of relevant laws and regulations continuously.
2. Patient and professional explanation and communication. We take each customer seriously whether you lager companies, small companies or individuals, we all treat the same and answer all questions carefully. We will let you feel the professionalism as well as sincerity.
3. Affordability. We give the biggest discount according to the product similarity.
4. Value-added service. We provide helpful information to clients for reference about questions related to chemical tests and certification programs.

LIN”AN KEDA Certification Technology Consulting Services Co., Ltd. has set up a number of agents in the world as: Canada, United States, Japan, Singapore and other more 10 countries, to facilitate application for SDS.

We provide SDS in more than 50 languages such as: Chinese, English, French, Italian, German, Polish, Finnish, Dutch, Spanish, Indonesian, Thai, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Malay and Arabic, etc.