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1. What is MSDS?

The full name of MSDS is Material Safety Data Sheet.

2. Do SDS and MSDS refer to the same document?

The full name of SDS is Safety Data Sheet. It is the same as MSDS. MSDS is a popular name used before. But now it is mainly used as SDS.

3. Are there different standards for MSDS?

MSDS has different standards. For example, In EU, SDS should be prepared per REACH Directive 1907/2006 combining with CLP regulations; while in China the relevant standard is GB/T 16483-2008.

At present, most countries carry out GHS standard, and each country sets up related national standard per GHS.

4. Does different product have different MSDS?

Yes. MSDS is for a specific product. So product is different, MSDS is different. For example, ethyl alcohol is flammable liquid and belongs to hazard category-3. Then on the MSDS it shows hazard symbols, hazard statement, precautionary measures and etc. But if the product is a kind of paper, there is no relevant classification.

5. Does a MSDS have a period of validity?

MSDS is different from test reports or certificates, so it has no validity. As long as the information of product ingredient remains the same and the laws and regulations related to the MSDS remain the same, this MSDS have no need to be updated. Unless the product has new hazard, it must be updated to the MSDS in time.

6. What’s the use of MSDS?

The shipping companies or airlines require the seller to supply MSDS when they book. It is also needed for customs clearance. Besides, foreign clients will ask, too.

When register for hazard chemicals in our domestic, it must supply a MSDS in Chinese. It is also required together with a GHS label when import or export.

7. Is MSDS a test report? Can the manufacturer make one by themselves?

This is a common question asked most. Please remember that MSDS is not a test report or a certification program. It is a technical document.

Unless the customer requires test the physical and chemical indexes or other data, you can send samples to test and put the test result on the MSDS.


The manufacturer can make a MSDS according to related product information and the laws and regulations. But you’d better to consult a professional company to make an MSDS.