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How We Work
What are the steps in having an MSDS or label
review authored?
1. A non-disclosure agreement is signed with the client, if desired.
2. We receive the required product information from the client.
3. The authoring phase for the project begins. The client is contacted if any
additional information is required.
4. Our team prepares the MSDS or label review using our proprietary authoring
software in conjunction with a number of health and safety databases.
5. After an MSDS or label review is prepared, it is inspected by a senior analyst
and at least one other author, before being sent to the client.
6. After submitting the completed MSDS or label review, it is returned to the
7. We make necessary edits to document based on client feedback.
How quickly can we have our project completed?
Our team prides itself in its ability to meet client deadlines. The standard completion time for a project, such as a translation or label review, will depend on the size and scope of the project and will be given at the beginning of a project. We offer a variety of RUSH options for many services, including Regular RUSH (5-7 business days) and Express RUSH (24Hr - 96Hr turnaround time).


What information do we need to provide in order to have an MSDS authored or a label review completed for our product?

First we will sign a non-disclosure agreement with the client, if the client
desires. Once that is in place, we will require the following information in order
to complete an MSDS or a label review.
* Countries compliance is needed for.
* Language(s) compliance is required for.
* Formulation information for the product, including:
* Name of each component
* CAS Number of each component
* Percentage range for each component
* Existing MSDS or technical data sheet that contains any physical/chemical specs, such as pH, flammability, color, odor, etc.
* For label compliance: Volume and dimensions of container, including outer boxes and blister cards, if used.
* For MSDS compliance: Graphic file of company logo, if desired.