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Project Description

The United States Environmental Protection Agency, which is short for EPA. It’s main purpose is to protect people's health, protection of the ecological environment - air, water and land that we live on, and it’s mainly testing and certification for diesel/gasoline engine equipment, retail auto parts, gas, water treatment equipment, drinking water, pesticides, etc.

If the manufacture want to apply EPA certification for their engine, they need to be tested and certified according to e-CFR 1039.



Q:  How about the cost ?

A: 1. Certification testing typically vary between $50k and $120k depending on the Scope of Work required.

    2. If you fail initial emissions testing, you will need to modify the engine or calibration to meet the emissions requirements. The cost of engine calibration is dependent on the time required to complete the activity.

    3. After calibration modification, you need to do the emission test again and pay for the emission test fee again?

    4. The engine aging projects (also known as DF projects) are typically $200k-$500k depending on the scope of work.

    5. As for additional testing, it depends on the application of the engine.

Q:  How about the information that needed to be submitted?

A: 1. Certification code for application

    2. Certified contact

    3.  Preparation of product information(including product technical information, product model, serial No., etc.), certification information

    4.  To submit the application information

Q: How about the time period generally taken to complete the certification?

A: Estimated Time to Complete

   1. Baseline testing: 2 weeks

   2. Calibration Modification: 0.5-3 Months

   3. Certification Testing: <0.5 Months

   4. Deterioration Testing (Engine Aging): 4-5 Months

Q: How about the requirement for samples?

A: Provide engine sample to do the test.

Q: How about the certificate valid?

A: The issuance date of the certificate is the effective date, it is expired until to the end of the production or on Dec.31 of the application year.