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1. What is the full name of MSDS?

The full name of MSDS is called Material Safety Data Sheet, referred to as MSDS.

2. Do SDS and MSDS refer to the same document?

The full name of SDS is Safety Data Sheet, or SDS for short. SDS and MSDS refer to the same document, but MSDS is a popular name used before. Now it is basically called SDS.

3. If all the MSDS are same, or there is a standard distinction?

MSDS has different standards. For example, In EU, SDS should be prepared per REACH Directive 1907/2006 combining with CLP regulations; while in China the relevant standard is GB/T 16483-2008. The full name is called Chemical safety technical specifications. At present, most countries are implementing GHS standards, and various countries have issued corresponding national standards to correspond to GHS standards.

4. Does different products have different MSDS?

Yes. MSDS is for a specific product, if the product is different, the content is different.

For example, ethyl alcohol is flammable liquid and belongs to hazard category-3. Then on the MSDS it shows hazard symbols, hazard statement, precautionary measures and etc. But if the product is a kind of paper, there is no relevant classification.

5. How about the expiry date for MSDS?

MSDS is different from the test report or certificate, so there is no validity period. As long as the product composition information remains same as well as the corresponding MSDS, the MSDS do not need to be updated. Unless, this product is founded to have new dangers, then the MSDS needs to be updated in time.

6. What is the use of MSDS?

The shipping companies or airlines require the seller to supply MSDS when they book. It is also needed for customs clearance. Besides, foreign clients will ask, too.

For dangerous goods, the Chinese chemical safety technical specification SDS shall be provided when registering domestic hazardous chemicals. And the GHS standard label also needs to be provided when importing and exporting.

7. Is MSDS a test report? Can the manufacturers do it by themselves?

MSDS is not a test report or certification item, it is a technical document.

Unless, the customer explicitly requires to test some physical and chemical indicators or other data of this product, the sample can be tested and the data obtained by the test can be placed in the MSDS.

Manufacturers can make the MSDS by themselves according to product information and regulations, or they can also entrust a professional organization to prepare it.