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REACH regulates that chemicals (including basic chemicals, fine chemicals, metals, processed natural extracts), each chemical which has a unique corresponding CAS (Chemical Substances code) shall be registered under different requirements:

1, Preparation
Preparation means mixed (configuration) chemicals, such as daily chemical products, inks, coatings, alloys, engine oil.
Material (the exports more than 1 ton / year to EU) it contains must be listed according to its CAS number and be registered separately.
2, Polymer
Polymer means resins, plastics, fiber products, such as nylon.
Polymer itself is not registered but a polymer of the monomer (content of> 2% and the outlet EU> 1 t / year) to be registered (nylon 6, polyester, etc.); producing a polymer additive is used, the modifier (exports to the EU> 1 ton / year) must also be registered; stabilizers and impurities from registration.
3, Items
Items mean furniture, luggage, cell phones, clothing, etc.
(1) Item means its special function greatly exceeds its own chemical characteristics, after given a special shape, appearance or design in the production process of certain substances.
(2) According to the provisions of REACH Article 7 (1) and 7 (5), substances are required to register only under the following conditions:
(a) The substance in the course of normal use or foreseeable circumstances will be released purposefully.
(b) Total emissions of the substance (total exports to EU) more than one ton per year.
(3) Packaging materials which are considered as objects must be registered separately.
(4) High-risk materials (> 0.1% and> 1 ton / year) have the notification obligations: 2011-2012.

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