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Project Description

If the manufacture wants to apply AMECA for their fog lamps, it should according to FMVSS 108 (Reflective equipment and related equipment)standard to do the test.


Q: How about the cost ?





According to the sample spec

Certificate fee


Factory Registration Agency Fee (Only US Residents can register)

15000(The first year required)

Update fee

4500/year(Charges start from the second year)

Q: How about the information that needed to be submitted?

A: Provide samples for testing as well as test report.

Q : How about the time period generally taken to complete the test?

A: About 3 days.

Q: How about the requirement for samples?

A:  2 lamps are required for testing(e.g LED, HID lamps and halogen lamps).

Q: How about the certificate valid?

A: If AMECA has no objection to product quality or site failure, the product name will be kept on the name list of AMECA after payment of the annual fee.If the material is not detected in the actual detection, AMECA will suspend the list of inclusion, until the information to be corrected.